Reverend Mark Marston, Senior Pastor

BiograpReverend Mark Marston, Senior Pastor FUMChy

I was born and raised in Russell Kansas and attended the Trinity United Methodist Church there.    After graduating from High School I served in the United States Air Force for four years and I was stationed both in the U.S. and overseas.  After my service I attended Sonoma State University in California and earned not only a B.S. but most importantly met and married my wife Beth.

Following graduation and working for a short time in a Christian Retreat Center in England we moved to Denver so I could attend the Iliff School of Theology.  Following  graduation i was appointed to rural Churches in Minnesota for nine years.  It was a wonderful experience. I served two or three churches at a time and did everything from shovel the side walks in the winter, to  preaching each Sunday and celebrate the Holy Sacraments.  Both of our daughters were born during these appointments, the youngest in Minnesota and the oldest in Wisconsin.    The church I was serving when the oldest was born was on the state line and the nearest hospital was across the Mississippi river and into Wisconsin.

I have served three churches in Colorado before my appointment to Cheyenne First UMC. I can honestly say that if I could pick any Church in the world to serve, Cheyenne First United Methodist Church would be my first choice.  It has been a wonderful experience to live in Cheyenne and to be part of this great vibrant and Historic Church.

Please come and join us and see how alive the Holy Spirit is here, how powerful our worship services are, and how fulfilling our programming is.


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Phone:  307-632-1410

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