Spiritual Care Missions

Spiritual Care MIssions

“Wilt thou be made whole?” John 5:6

We live in a world that hasn’t much time for the spirit.  In fact, at a time of unprecedented material wealth, the people of our culture express a profound sense of depression and anxiety.  Of meaninglessness amongst so many devices.  We are tackling that spiritual poverty head-on at FUMC.  We endeavor to be a prayerful, spirited church for those who are poor in spirit.  If you are in need—even if it is just a need to talk and be heard—come see us.  We are here for you, and together, we can hear what God has in store for you.

Prayer Shawl

This is a group of folks who like to knit and pray.  They gather to make prayer shawls for both the grieving and the joyful. Through their shawls, they send a prayer for the newborn baby and the bereaved child.  Come join them for prayerful fellowship at the knitting table!

Prayer and Care

This group meets weekly to pray over the concerns of the congregation.  In addition, every day of the week, a member of this ministry is sent to the hospital to visit and pray with members of the church or to those who invite us in.  Finally, this ministry also attends to the spirit of the bereaved.  It is always looking for those with a call to prayer.

Stephen Ministries

FUMC has a local chapter of Stephen Ministers who undergo rigorous training under the Stephen Ministries program https://www.stephenministries.org/default.cfm.  These Stephen Ministers are trained to be with people in spiritual need whether a person is going through a divorce or mourning the loss of a loved one.  They are the “with people.”  If you are in need of a Stephen Minister or would like to be a Stephen Minister yourself, contact the church office for more information.



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